Saturday, October 2, 2010

Design book - WIPs and loneliness

So I revived my Babette.... and have nearly finished assembling it.  I've laid out the last section and the light at the end of the tunnel is looming.

I don't like finishing WIPs

I need something new to replace it... but what?  My great aunt destashed all these great little fabrics to me and I've sorted complete quilts-worth of fabric out of it.  I washed and ironed the quilts to be and left them with project notes.  GREAT.  The other stuff though: stuff I would never buy.  Photoshop, crochet, and photography have taught me a little about my aesthetic vs color theory.  I like saturated color.  For everything.  even babies.

So I have this fabric: pastels, grayed-out tones, and batiks.  This I see as an opportunity to really grow as a quilter.  I worked on some sketches last night.  But the loneliness of finishing Babette is making me too sad to start!

On a side note: my lantanas are doing beautifully:

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