Thursday, October 28, 2010

Design book - Inspiration

At filminthefridge's interview on Elizabeth(Oh Fransson)'s blog book tour, she asked about inspiration.

I'm pretty right brained, logical and scientific.  In school, my teachers told me that girls aren't supposed to like sciences; I must be a bit rebellious because it drove me to work harder.  By the time I was starting college and choosing a major, I panicked! I was afraid that I may give up everything creative that I loved for perfect grades.  So I started sketching Every little thing I might ever want to make or learn, telling myself that after college I would have time for them.  Ta~DA!

Now, I sketch out any little idea that pops into my head: from what I did that day to what I just woke up from dreaming. BUT if it’s Really going to challenge me, I get inspired and start to work it up into a full plan. AND if I love it, I can’t not make it!

On my desk today:  tentatively named 'doodle earth' (love in different languages) and some henna designs

-whispers- sometimes, even if I don't like it, but it will be really challenging: I rebel against even myself and make it anyway (shh)

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