Sunday, September 12, 2010

the funniest thing

I've been working on a Babette blanket for a little while.  These are my shoe boxes full of squares.  I loved my babette, but I cut my right hand quite badly (01/2009) and my crochet tension suffered.  The blocks are no longer constistant and they make me sad.

I love the pattern so much though, and I was cutting fabric for KarrieLynn (@freckled whimsy)'s charm pack quilt along, I kept looking up at my squares.  I thought, oh, Babette, you'd make a cute quilt.

So I googled it: quilted babette, and I got this: and I was floored.

I sat boggled for a minute, thinking "I knew other people would have the idea, but it's Exactly the same?  weird..."

Turns out, it's a Kaffe design from Glorious patchwork... Which is what the crochet pattern said if I had just read it!


  1. Double funny: I looked at your crochet squares and thought "hey, that looks like the Kaffe Fassett quilt that Shea made." Then I clicked on your link, and it was Shea's quilt!