Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Design Book - my denim picnic blanket

I want to make this! I think I like how the paper piecing is set free in scrap land!  an exciting new tool.  (aside: I found a virtual bee, probably about these scrapy-strings, we'll see what happens...)

I've been preoccupied with the simplicity of 4patches and halfSquare triangles.  Design-wise, I tend to set strict guidelines and then attempt to go as wild as possible within them.  For example:

I want a denim blanket.  No batting.  Must use recycled materials: my own jeans, two shirts I love, and a skirt that may never have been in fashion but had an orange so bold I had to have it.  Neutrals are fair game, but only orange, blue, red and yellow. (colors pulled from the sentimental fabrics)

I found some coordinating prints, and a pattern to make.

A test swatch.  I need to wash it.  I think I would prefer to sew down the edges (using red?) with a straight stitch and let it fray.

The required fabrics are the striped button-up on the top, the yellow batik tunic under it, and the red and orange dragon wrap around skirt on the bottom.  They're on my blue and white ironing board.  I was surprised: the orange medallion print isn't from a LQS, it's from Jo-anns!  So is the blue and yellow that matches motif of the pattern.  I'm surprised and pleased. haha!

I Really Really Really wanted a red, white and blue denim blanket, to watch fireworks on, but I like this recycled one as well.

Maybe I'll string quilt in red, white and blue...

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