Monday, September 6, 2010

Design book - love stamp

When I was in college there was an arty love stamp that I loved:  They made a 37 cent vertically oriented and differently-colored variation.

This one appealed to me. I love the way the colors contrast, I had never been that bold, design-wise.

I found, at my lqs, Park Slope.  I bought 1/8 yard of a couple prints to tinker with.

I keep a zip binder of sketches and inspirations.  After planning an entire patchwork layout in Park Slope, I found this stamp again.  I tinkered, the sketches completely forgotten.

In a final draft, the curves would be pieced and I want the L to be in one piece as well.  I have an orange fabric with children jumping rope and a yellow poppy-like fabric.  I'll need freezer paper and something for the edge.  I think a crib sized blanket with 4 stamps that look like a sheet with perforations will be scaled large enough to be funny.  Maybe I'll put the kanji for love instead of the USA and price?

1 comment:

  1. love the stamp idea - very cute!! Might have to give it a go myself.