Thursday, September 30, 2010

92 days

On an unrelated note:  I've always been too much of a procrastinator to make new year's resolutions.

I am considering the last 92 days of 2010... I think I'd like to start 2011....

- with a 4.0 (3.7 ?)
- having tried a cathedral window
- having finished my cousin's wedding(01/01/10) gift (a crochet blanket)
-11 lbs lighter.
- without losing patience and cutting off all my hair
- having tried a circle of geece
- having kept in touch better with my friends
- having designed and created a quilt entirely on my own

Are these my old year resolutions?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Design book - stash

I sorted stash into usable units: projects to be.  Among them, rich prints in antique colors and jewel tones with some sparkle.  a lot of them

I'm trying not to buy more... but I do have that shopping problem

maybe just paqtchworked squares with a solid sashing?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Finished - bright baby scrap quilt

So I've finished a couple of quilt tops, but have been shy to quilt them.  When I finished the scrappy one, I quilted it.  Then I bound it: I like hand sewing the binding, maybe I'll hand quilt the next one!  I don't know what I've been afraid of!

I had planned to use the border fabric to bind with: but after I trimmed the quilt, I just couldn't.  So I pieced some of the solids from my colorbar quilt together at ransom lengths.  It's perfect, bright and cheery. A friend wants to buy it though: how much do you sell a quilt for? 

I had planned to back the colorbar quilt in fleece to make it more casual, but I'm enjoying the feel of cotton and batting:  maybe I'll repurpose the bright yellow fleece and find a back for my colorbar.

Monday, September 20, 2010

WIP - my babette

I was looking at the boxes of my crocheted squares and thinking about my sad, abandoned babette.

When I realised there were too many shoeboxes for as little progress as I remembered I pulled everything out!

I needed 17 squares... so I finished them this weekend!  and I tested 4 different joinings, and got started on the actual assembly!

I'm a just a bit excited, but forcing myself to go to bed: I have class tomorrow, I need to find a job, and I should see my doctor about this ear infection.  But it's only 10 'til 2 am... I could probably do one more?

I chose contrasting colors for each join; I like the little row of stitches that show. :)
The white space is the part I'm sewing right now, 3 more seams and on to part 4!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

the funniest thing

I've been working on a Babette blanket for a little while.  These are my shoe boxes full of squares.  I loved my babette, but I cut my right hand quite badly (01/2009) and my crochet tension suffered.  The blocks are no longer constistant and they make me sad.

I love the pattern so much though, and I was cutting fabric for KarrieLynn (@freckled whimsy)'s charm pack quilt along, I kept looking up at my squares.  I thought, oh, Babette, you'd make a cute quilt.

So I googled it: quilted babette, and I got this: and I was floored.

I sat boggled for a minute, thinking "I knew other people would have the idea, but it's Exactly the same?  weird..."

Turns out, it's a Kaffe design from Glorious patchwork... Which is what the crochet pattern said if I had just read it!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Design book - love stamp

When I was in college there was an arty love stamp that I loved:  They made a 37 cent vertically oriented and differently-colored variation.

This one appealed to me. I love the way the colors contrast, I had never been that bold, design-wise.

I found, at my lqs, Park Slope.  I bought 1/8 yard of a couple prints to tinker with.

I keep a zip binder of sketches and inspirations.  After planning an entire patchwork layout in Park Slope, I found this stamp again.  I tinkered, the sketches completely forgotten.

In a final draft, the curves would be pieced and I want the L to be in one piece as well.  I have an orange fabric with children jumping rope and a yellow poppy-like fabric.  I'll need freezer paper and something for the edge.  I think a crib sized blanket with 4 stamps that look like a sheet with perforations will be scaled large enough to be funny.  Maybe I'll put the kanji for love instead of the USA and price?

Design book - SMPTE baby

Remember my mixtape-y sketches?  When I got to cutting them, they changed in my mind.  By the time I was trimming the finished squares, I had become quite set on the color bars idea.  But my seams are still pressed open fransson-style

I wanted to experiment with fleece as a backing.  I've put it on like a pillow before, turned right side through a gap and stitched all around.  Fleece stretches, so I bought a walking foot, and will quilt and then bind this one... I'm thinking of piecing the solid colors together and making a patch-y, rainbow bias binding.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Design book - I have some stuff

I've been sorting through stash... making sets out of bigger pieces and writing plans for each set.  If I can't some up with anything (for these bigger pieces) I'll take it to Goodwill.

I have some rainbow-y prints and solids and I have some sketches and links.  I've been hovering over mixtape for 2 days now.   I think it's the way that she(Elizabeth - oh fransson) presses seams open.  I'm not just inspired, I want to touch them and have them...sigh. I -heart- really tidy work and I'm a crazyPerson.  I'll tear out and redo anything.

Anyway I'm pretty settled on this mixtape-like doodle.  I hope I'm not too literal and stale.  This Sunday I think.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fabric problem

Hello, my name is Sabah and I have a fabric problem.

I have homework but I want to finish quilting my very first scrap quilt.

It feels better to say it out loud.  I'll only quilt for half an hour?

Design Book - my denim picnic blanket

I want to make this! I think I like how the paper piecing is set free in scrap land!  an exciting new tool.  (aside: I found a virtual bee, probably about these scrapy-strings, we'll see what happens...)

I've been preoccupied with the simplicity of 4patches and halfSquare triangles.  Design-wise, I tend to set strict guidelines and then attempt to go as wild as possible within them.  For example:

I want a denim blanket.  No batting.  Must use recycled materials: my own jeans, two shirts I love, and a skirt that may never have been in fashion but had an orange so bold I had to have it.  Neutrals are fair game, but only orange, blue, red and yellow. (colors pulled from the sentimental fabrics)

I found some coordinating prints, and a pattern to make.

A test swatch.  I need to wash it.  I think I would prefer to sew down the edges (using red?) with a straight stitch and let it fray.

The required fabrics are the striped button-up on the top, the yellow batik tunic under it, and the red and orange dragon wrap around skirt on the bottom.  They're on my blue and white ironing board.  I was surprised: the orange medallion print isn't from a LQS, it's from Jo-anns!  So is the blue and yellow that matches motif of the pattern.  I'm surprised and pleased. haha!

I Really Really Really wanted a red, white and blue denim blanket, to watch fireworks on, but I like this recycled one as well.

Maybe I'll string quilt in red, white and blue...