Sunday, August 22, 2010

Finished - killing acrylic

I knit a swallow tail shawl in left-over acrylic baby yarn, just to see if I could read lace charts.  I can.  :)

Blocking it.  I have to kill it, but am anxious about it.  I've pinned it out.... and am about to steam it.  Let's see...  eek!

It's perfect... smooth, even and drapes so well.  I'm really pleased!

I lay out a cotton towel on a bed.  I pinned out the shawl on the towel.  I had run a cotton string through the straight edge, and kept pulling that tighter and pinning it to mark out the top edge.  I wet a smaller thinner towel and wrung it out.  Then I lay the wet towel over the spine and stepped a cool iron across it every 5 seconds or so.  I followed that up with hovering with steam over the edge to hold the scallops better.

I have class tomorrow, so will try to get to bed early: but am excited and keep petting my shawl.

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